Sotry in the Peninsular

Five people who get lost in the peninsula, armed with a promo ticket

Tugu-Solo-Adi Sumarmo-LCCT-KLSentral-Bukit Bintang-China Town-Bukit Bintang-Twin Tower-Sentral Market-Little India-Petronas-Bukit Bintang-Putra Jaya-LCCT-Adi Sumarmo-Tugu
Ferry, Iwak, Holand, Yudhit, Teguh

Camera : Canon Power Shot SX210is + HTC Nexus One
Music : New Beginnings-Zack Hamsey

5 thoughts on “Sotry in the Peninsular

  1. ora ge, rencanane nek entuk roster libur 2 mingguan meh keliling asean ki. bar lebaran taun ngarep. wkwkwkwk

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